GSM Mobile Phone Intercom flexible yet simple control

GSM Mobile Phone & Wireless Intercoms

One of the most exciting developments in the Intercom industry has been the introduction of GSM Mobile Phone Intercom systems. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. A GSM intercom will use a mobile phone sim card to make telephone calls across a mobile network to landline numbers or mobile numbers. There a many good reasons to consider a GSM system over a standard wireless system or even a traditional wired system.

  • A person wanting to gain access to your property can always contact you, wherever you are in the world
  • Open or hold the gates open with the push of a button, control Keypad numbers and card readers with an App
  • 24 Hour flexible
  • Although equipment costs are higher often installation costs are quite similar as generally less labour is needed to fit a  mobile Phone system
  • GSM intercoms can be update quickly and easily with new numbers
  • On large sites GSM systems offer a massive cost reduction over standard systems
  • No need to lay cables or dig up a driveway or disturb the interior of a home or office

Videx GSM with code pad
Videx GSM with code pad

Blue GSM with code pad
Blue AES GSM with code pad

Intratone GSM digital with code pad
Intratone GSM digital with code pad