Loop Detectors

Vehicle Loop Detectors

Vehicle loop detectors are the perfect safety device for protecting your vehicle from a moving gate. Photocells are still an excellent choice for protecting your car, but are often fitted in the wrong position for gates that work with lorries and other heavy goods vehicles. To protect the vehicles and gates, Loop detectors are invaluable.  In this section we will look at the different loop detection devices available and discuss their merits.

Ultra Loop Detector

Loop detectors have been around for years, so it is refreshing when a company makes an improvement to this basic piece of equipment. The Ultra 2 includes a digital display showing you exactly what your loop is doing and how a vehicle is interacting with it.

  • Digital display
  • Pulse and prescence relay options
  • Frequency modulation so multiple loops can be used on site
  • ASB signal boost for use with lorries
  • Two channel version now available

SEA Ultra Vehicle Loop Detector
SEA Ultra Vehicle Loop Detector

VM202 Loop Probe

Cutting up driveways to add ground loops looks unsightly and in some cases can be impractical or dangerous. Our solution is the Loop Probe. This self contained unit can be buried at the side of the driveway with a 12ft detection range letting it pick up a vehicle moving near the gate, the probe then sends a pulsed output to activate the gate and let a vehicle drive through. On smaller sites a sensitivity adjustment control allows the loop probe to detect at shorter distances, preventing a false trigger.

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Robust water tight PVC outer casing
  • Pulsed output

Loop Probe
Loop Probe

CS303 Loop Probe

The CS303 is an evolution of the VM202. This compact loop probe can be laid at the side of the drive way or buried beneath it. The detector provides multiple functions most notably the digital display showing how much the loop is affected by vehicles moving above. Quick adjustments can be made to the sensitivity of the CS303 by turning the dial above to match the sensitivity required.

  • Plug & go – Fast install
  • Compact – bury next to road
  • Adjustable sensitivity & digital display
  • Water proof PVC casing designed for tough environments
  • Pulsed and prescence output

Presents loop probe
Prescence loop probe