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Gate Automation Shop Updated and improved

Key Outside Lighting

Find the lastest Electric gate automation equipment designed by Italy’s leading designer gate automation company. The systems link gate automation and entrance illumination so that your gate system can produce a stunning entrance experience.

Additional gate accessories

Electric gate accessories  such as intercoms and lighting can radically alter the overall impression that your gate makes on any visitor. We have therefore added the latest range of designer intercoms from AES and added a complete new section on garden and Entrance lights.

The Intercom equipment allows you to control the gates from anywhere in the world enabling you to talk and even see all callers to your house from your mobile phone. Delivery drivers can drop off packages to secure locations and you never need to miss visitors when you are nearby, security and convenience a rare combination. A subtle blue back light is the perfect back drop for these elegant intercoms

The drive and garden lighting system will display your property to upmost, low level lighting at night will be a subtle indication that you are proud of your house and automatic full level illumination when you drive your car will provide you with a safe environment whilst you enter your house. If your proud of your property ad gardens why not show them off.

GSM mobile Intercom
Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Lights
Ray Driveway Night Light System
Driveway Lights
Garden night Light System
Garden lighting

Gate Safety

The safety of gate users is one of the most important issues we have therefore expanded our range of gate safety equipment even adding hinge protection to ensure that children or even adults can be adequately protected from crushing damaged caused by moving gates or even hing failure..

Vehicle Safety
Contact Safety
Hinge Safety
Hinge Safety
Gate fall protection
Rubber Contact Strip
Child Safety
Wired Safety Edges

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