Traffic Barrier 3.0 to 8.4 meters



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Key Automation ALT424 and ALT624 traffic barrier 3.0 to 8.4 meters

The Alt car park Barrier  includes the following products: 1 Alt Pedestal 424 or 624 complete with control panel,  side lights,  inbuilt radio receiver,  1 pair of photocells  and various Aluminium beam sizes from 3000 to 8400 mm.

Alt Traffic barriers  offer high levels of performance designed to suit all light commercial and industrial.
Thanks to a neat design, the use of top performance materials and high visibility ideal for all car park and factory entrance applications.

Two pedestals are available the ALT 424 for beams up to 5000 mm and the ALT 624 for beams up to 8400 mm.
Red and White bottom barrier skirts are available for beams up to 6000 still retaining the top Beam LED lights.

High technological materials resistant to weather conditions

The ALT 424 is designed for beams up to 5000 mm in length opening the beam in 3.5 seconds.

Extremely silent mechanics, Highly visible LED illumination fitted to both beam and pedestal.

The Key operated release system is efficient and easily accessible

Gear reduction with extra-large bearing with high performance allow the barriers to have a high duty cycle

With inbuilt 230Vac  control unit CT10224.

Kit comes complete with Radio receiver that works with the Sub range of radio control transmitters, photocell beam and all associated lighting.

The beam and pedestal LED lighting provides good visibility in all light conditions, drivers can no longer claim they did not see the barrier.

Under skirts are available fior some of the barriers please call 0121 433 3348 for advise.

The Aluminium beams have top and bottom rubbers with LED red and Green lights inserted internally. The lights are controlled by a connected logic board providing red led light when down, flashing red whilst rising or descending

and Green light when fully open. High visibility lights are also situated on the barrier pedestal making it impossible not to be seen by any driver of any sized vehicle.

The ALT 624 is a larger pedestal and can cope with beam lengths up to 8400 mm, 6000mm being the standard adjustable length. Bottom Skirts can be fitted to all beams up to 6000mm

A high speed version of this barrier is available with an opening time of 1 second. This is not yet a UK stocked item so longer delivery times will apply.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 30 cm
Barrier size

ALT424 3000-4000 mm, ALT424 5000 mm, ALT624 4500 – 6000 mm, ALT624 8400 mm