Gate Safety Devices

Safety equipment for gates

Our range of safety products covers everything from standard single beam infra-red photovoltaic cells (photocells) to huge multi beam light curtains. From simple normally closed fail safe edges to sophisticated self testing and continuously monitored CAT 3 safety edges. To find out more about these products simply follow the thinks below and if you still have questions, call us on 0121 433 3348 or send us a message via our contact page.

SEA Safety Edges
Safety Edges

SEA Hinge Guards
Hinge Guards

Key Photocell
Key Photocell

SEA Loop Detectors
Loop Detectors

All new electric gate systems should conform to European safety standards EN12453; all existing electric gate systems need to upgrade their safety equipment to comply with EN12453.  We offer free advice to installers and end users about additional safety equipment, required to make your gates safe and the method of testing demanded by EN12445.

Do not wait until an accident happens.  In our litigious society, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.