Gate Safety Cables Galvanised Steel


Stainless steel safety cables to protect against hing failure. The safety cables come in two sizes 600 mm or 800 mm.
They are supplied with threaded bar, washers and lock nuts to fix the cable to metal posts.
The cable is certified to 1600 Kg; the crimps are rated for a minimum un-thread load of 900 Kg.
Recommended for installation at top and bottom of the gates to meet the latest British standards on gate safety.
Required for the DHF code of practise TS 011:2019 and to meet EN12604 European gate safety standards.

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This simple safety device fixes to the gate post around the gate hinge areas to prevent the gate falling in case of hinge failure. The certified stainless steel cable INOX 304 is required to bring the gates in line with the latest regulations as stated in the DHF code of practice TS 011:2019 and EN12604. The fall prevention cables are rated at 1600 Kg; the crimps have a 900 Kg minimum load to un-thread.
Strongly recommend fitting the safety cables around gate hinges at the top and bottom, to protect against hinge failure and vehicle impact..
The DHF code, soon to be enshrined in Building standards states that all swing and folding gate systems produced since 2018 must be protected against hinge failure, such that if a hinge fails the gate will not drop nor move more than 300 mm off it vertical axis. Standard 600mm and large 800mm version with longer through bolt.
All gate installers and maintenance companies should upgrade any gates that they look after.

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Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 3 cm

600 mm Cable, 800 mm Cable


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