RADIO EVO RX Wireless Safety Edge Receiver



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The CCE Radio Mobile comes in 2 main forms. The first is a stand alone transmitter which you can add to any  manufacturers safety edge system past or present; this will allow a wireless link between any device and the radio receiver. The second version is designed to work with the Compact safety edge. This transmitter fits nicely inside the edge so there are no loose wires. The EVO range of safety transmitters has a test function to make sure that your edges have a strong signal connection.

  • Two channel system max 3 transmitters per channel.
  • 868 MHz hoping code system when interference detected.
  • Low battery warning beep emitted by the receiver
  • 15M recommended range
  • 868 external aerial can be fitted for extended range
  • Test facility to determine signal strength for reliable installation
  • Compact safety edge version fits inside edge
  • Works with CCE, ASO, Bircher, FAAC, BFT and any other design, resistive or NC microswitch.

The CCE Radio Receiver module has two separate channels and can accept up to 6 transmitters, three per channel. The unit has LED indication lights which can be seen through the black case allowing for easy problem identification.

  • CAT 2 safety edges system with auto-test feature and aerial connection for range boosting in case of local interference.


The RADIOEVORX system is the latest wireless safety edge system manufactured by CCE Safety. It is fully compliant and certified to EN12453 with all  relevant certification documentation available. It will work with any 8K2 resistive safety edge systems.

Signal strength test button allows you to position the receiver and transmitters for maximum reliability and battery life.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm