UNDERGROUND electric gate kits 3.5 mtr leaves



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The Key Automation Underground electric gate kits includes the following products: 1/2 Under motors and fixings, 1/2 boxes, 1/2 manual releases, 1 14A control panel, 1 radio receiver, 1 Eclipse,1 Sub transmitters, 1 Kube Blue tooth phone connection system and 1 pair of photocells.
24 Vdc  electromechanical gear motor for swing gates.

A DYL programmer will be needed to program the 14A control board.
The 230V ac motors are available by special order

For leaves up to 3.5 meters

New foundation box CF2.

With both opening and closing limit switch of series 24 Vdc motor with encoder.

With the possibility of speed and slowdown regulation.

Possibility to choose between 1.5 m and 10 m cable motor.

Compatible with new 24Vdc control unit 14AB2.

Compatible with new 230Vac control unit CT202.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg

Under 24V Motor, Under 24V Single Kit, Under 24V Double Kit

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