Swing Gate Kit Plus 4.0mtr leaves




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Key Automation Ray Plus Swing Gate System

The Ray double kit includes the following products: 2 Ray 4024 motors and fixings, 1 14AB control panel, 1 radio receiver, 1 Eclipse, 1 Sub transmitters, 1 Kube Blue tooth phone connection system and 1 pair of photocells.

Built in LED light in the frontal part of motor body to light up gate entrance and define width of the passage at night. High technological materials resistant to weather conditions. Extremely silent mechanics protected by robust die-cast and power-coated aluminium body UV-resistant plastic covers. Aligned front and rear mounting brackets to ease motors installation. Manual unlock possible with Sub transmitter. Easy and very user friendly. The Key Automation Nightlight system provides ideal low level evening illumination, displaying your gates and garden to perfection. Kit includes 2 Ray 250 motors, 1 Sub transmitters, 1 Kube Blue tooth phone connection system, 1 control panel, 1 pair of photocells, 1 flashing lamp and 1 plugin radio receiver.

A Dyl Programming device will be needed to program the 14A control panel.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 80 × 25 × 25 cm

Ray 400 Motor, Ray 400 Single Gate Kit, Ray 400 Anthracite Double Gate Kit, Ray 400 Double Gate Kit

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