LED Power Supplies with remote control


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Led power supplies with remote control

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Power supplies for control of muliple LED garden lights,
Two power supply solutions are available the BOXLED and BOXLED XL
The BOXLED control system can power up to 20 LED lights,
The BOXLEDXL  control system can power up to 64 LED lights
4 outputs which can all be controlled independently by a remote control transmitter.
A DYL digital display unit can be plugged into the control panel to allow for routine setting of the system.


The number of lights corresponds to the number of LED strips
NOT the number of lights. Each light is made up of a set of 18 LEDs.
Please consider:
The Small and Medium STIK Lights count as one LEDs
The Large STIK Vertical Lights count as two LEDS
The Recessed Lights count as three LEDS
The Star Column Lights count as 4 LEDS
If in doubt call us and we will advise on power supplies needed.
All lights are ideal for illuminating paths and walkways
Used on flowerbeds to bring light into the hidden areas of your garden.
Replaceable leds

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm


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